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On June 1, 2013, Grant Bryant and Erin Brownlee became majority owners of The Wakefield Corporation with equal ownership. Following a strategic plan and buy out process that began in 1999, Jim Wakefield, former President of The Wakefield Corporation, sold his majority ownership to Bryant, Brownlee, and 3 other minority owners.

This transition to a slower and less stressful role in the company has been one that Jim has been waiting for for several years. Still loving the construction industry and the passion he has for the “build” what he wanted to do was what he called the easy part, project management and estimation. He wanted to leave the stressful decision making up to Grant and Erin. This to him offered the best of both worlds.

That other world he had been waiting on has specifically included spending more time travelling with his wife of almost 45 years, Neala, to spending all the time he can with his 5 grandchildren. Since June of 2013 they have travelled to Florida several times, Albequerque, NM for the International Hot Air Balloon Festival, and California to visit his son, Jamie, a Colonel in the USAF, and his family. Instead of feeling like he has to rush to get back to the office, they have been able to enjoy 2 week vacations.

Although the words “slow down” haven’t often been used in the same sentence as Jim, he is settling quite nicely into his more relaxed roll! Jim had these words to say about the recent leadership change and what he is doing with his spare time:

“I have all the confidence in the world in Grant, Erin, and the other 3 owners to continue the tradition of excellence we all have strived for during the past 29 years. With their leadership TWC should continue to grow, prosper and be a leader in the construction industry. As for my spare time, family is the most important thing any of us have, so more relaxed and fun times are to come!”